Service offers



Mineralogical expertise for

Geological documentation and evaluation of

Geochemical and heavy mineral mapping.

Expert sampling according to DIN/EN/ISO and scientific criteria of

Geochemical analysis (planning, coordination, reporting) of

Specord M500

Petrographic and mineralogical quality assessment and investigation of damages for dimension stone and industrial rocks.

Stable isotope (34S, 18O) analysis and interpretation in

Soil mapping according to KA5



Concept of mineral deposit evaluation

The evaluation integrates from the outset a geochemical-mineralogical analysis of potentially value-increasing subordinate components and the processability of the commodities.

Erz & Stein offers in cooperation with Dr.-Ing. Axel Eckart (Amden / Switzerland) an integrated geological-mineralogical evaluation and a technological-economical assessment whether the commodity is mineable at a profit. This facilitates an economic feasibility assessment prior to completion of usual cost-intensive and time-consuming exploration campaigns and pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, in particular for smaller mineral deposits.

Dr.-Ing. Axel Eckart provides service in the socially and environmentally responsible management and monitoring of deposit exploration in cooperation with Erz & Stein.